SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)

How an Attorney Can Help You Obtain SSDI Benefits in NH

SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance, is an entitlement of individuals who have become disabled and are no longer able to work. This benefit is awarded to individuals in New Hampshire as a supplemental income as a result of them being disabled and not being able to provide an income through employment due to their disability. The state of New Hampshire has a list of what qualifies as a disability, therefore it is important for the individuals applying for SSDI to be sure their disability meets the requirements. SSDI is a positive benefit in that it provides a means of income when individuals cannot provide one for themselves. However, it can be difficult to be approved for SSDI and the process can be long and stressful.

Many people who have a qualifying disability are denied SSDI in the state of New Hampshire. However, if an individual is denied SSDI benefits, they are entitled to appeal for what is called a Request for Reconsideration. While the likelihood of being approved for SSDI benefits as a result of a Request for Reconsideration is very low, a knowledgeable and experienced SSDI attorney in New Hampshire can help individuals with this process.

If a Request for Reconsideration is denied, then the individual can request a hearing to get the decision of the Social Security Administration turned over. While the wait time for a hearing can take up to one year, most hearings end in a decision to award the SSDI benefits to the individual and are therefore worth the wait. The Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can help in this regard as well.

How an Attorney Can Help

If at any time you or someone you know is denied SSDI benefits and rightly believe you should be receiving those benefits, our attorneys are here to help. An attorney can represent an individual by filing the Request for Reconsideration and can aid you in knowing what to expect throughout the rest of the process. Should the process move on to a hearing, the attorney can then also represent you in the hearing and advocate for your SSDI benefits.

Experienced Lawyers Know What to do

Because attorneys have experience in disability cases, they can walk you through the process and prepare you in a much better way than you could do on your own. These employment lawyers are in and out of the courtrooms and have experiences with judges and the courts which can be beneficial in these types of cases. An experienced NH employment attorney such as Amanda Dowgiert can also help you manage and complete all of the tedious but necessary paperwork that is involved in a case such as this and help you to feel less overwhelmed with the process.

If you or someone you know has been denied SSDI benefits by the Social Security Administration and could use assistance in obtaining those benefits, contact the Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert today to see how they can help.